My name is Megan.

My best friend's name is Brad. He also happens to be my husband. I'm so grateful to have him.

Lincoln was born March 22, 2013. He has kept us on our toes, and we love every second of watching him grown up. He's excited to get to become a big brother right around his fourth birthday.

I grew up on a farm in Kansas. It's the most beautiful place in the world.

We bought our first home in 2009 in a small-ish town in Kansas. A few years later we made a big move and bought our second home in a real small town in Kansas (after selling the first one).

I finished my master's in library science a while back. I traded teaching middle school English for a high school library job, then traded back when we moved.

I like reading, baking, quilting & sewing, teaching, running, gardening, coaching, playing, photographing, writing, & other miscellaneous things, not necessarily in that order.

This is the story of our life.

I'm happy that you're along for the read.