Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Froese Family

This morning I got to take some family pictures for a dear friend. It was pretty cold but we got some good shots. These are just a few of my favorites!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lincoln says...

It's been a loooong time since I posted Lincoln quotes. So here are a bunch, collected over the last six months or so!

"What is Alleluia?"

"Open this mom, 'cause I'm gonna Google on it," asking to use his little "computer."

"Bears live in Newton because there's lots of trees. Did you know that? It's important."

"I'm not meat to Dinos." (meaning I'm not into dinos - which has definitely changed!)

"This Colorado is fun! There's marbles and bulldozers and Paw Patrol!"

"Is Colorado farther away than Hutchinson?"
"Oh no! I don't believe it!"

"I thought our car was faster than anybody."

"These are partially good."

"Yawning doesn't mean I'm tired."
What does it mean?
"I just yawn more than anyone else."
"That how Jesus made me."

I'm going to work at Bethel College (Brad).
"Whoa! Yeah! Good job, dad!"

"Do we have our bodies in heaven?"
I don't know.
"But I want to snuggle you in heaven!"

"Maybe we have our own stalls in heaven. Or maybe our own swings!"

"I am a statue."
Statues can't talk.
Go ahead. Be a statue.
"I can't."
Why not?
"Because I can't be quiet."

"Mom, I don't care for rice at home. It takes up space in my tummy instead of other food."

If you scream in the library, we have to leave.
"But mama, remember that book, Library Lion? Sometimes it's okay to break the rules in the library."

"I will do dishes ALL the days!"

"Mommy, I want you to take me to bed tonight."
Just because you think you can sucker me into lying down with you.

"A brother! That's just what I wanted!"

"Mom! When I get to be four I won't even know how to play with things anymore."
Oh. What will you do?
"I will read, read, read, read, read!"

"Why is it called the moon, mommy? That's a silly name. Maybe we should name the baby Moon Kohlman. That would be a good name for the baby."

"Let's read! That's how we have a Kohlman party!"

Lincoln's room

I really do love putting rooms together and figuring out how to make them special spaces for us, spaces that meet our needs and make us feel comfortable and feel like home.

Lincoln's room is the only space in our house that actually has things on the walls. :) My mom made the curtains just for this room, but everything else we already had - my favorite kind of decorating! I don't think we'll run short on John Deere stuff any time soon - although one of Lincoln's worries about being a big brother is that the baby will have more John Deere than he does!

Of course, the space is rarely this clean, but it's definitely one of our most-loved and used spaces so far!

22 Weeks

Over halfway there! I've finally been feeling pretty good, though there are the occasional days when I feel pretty nauseous.

I haven't really had any cravings or crazy symptoms, other than a few strange dreams (that I can't even remember now that I'm finally posting stuff).

Baby K is moving and grooving quite a bit these days. It's fun to feel him wiggle. Lincoln and Brad have both gotten to feel him kick/move several times. Lincoln thinks it's pretty funny. He is so excited about this baby. He plans to hold him, sing him songs, play with him, and read him books.

The baby's room is still a mess - full of craft/sewing supplies, home decor, and, of course, baby stuff. I'm hoping that we can get the craft/sewing room a little bit more done over Thanksgiving break (it needs paint prep, painting, old carpet glue scraped up, and some carpet tiles that we already have) so we can move things down there and start organizing the nursery. I want to sort through what we already have and figure out what we need to replace.

We've talked about names but haven't decided on anything for sure yet. It's definitely been harder the second time around! We still have a few months, though, so I'm not worried yet.

Monday, November 21, 2016


We closed on our new home in mid-August and proceeded to spend every spare minute working (well, mostly Brad and our parents worked).

We moved in at the beginning of October, after we had new paint and new flooring (on the main floor) and white kitchen cabinets.

It's, of course, still very much a work in progress. But I'm so excited to live here - not because of the short commute (which is super nice) or even because we no longer sleep in a basement (which is also pretty great).

I'm excited to live here because it truly feels like home.

One thing we love about where we live now is how close it is to special people and special places.

My dream is to create a space where our friends and family feel welcome to come over - to stop by whenever and hang out and just be with us. But when I say that, it's not necessarily about the physical space, because, let's face it... my living room floor will probably always have a pile of books in the middle of it and I just can't figure out the slipcover on that loveseat...

...and who knows if we'll ever have doors or even a curtain on the laundry closet (conveniently located in the dining room)... or if things will get hung on the walls...

...and I've actually been totally fine with the fact that our kitchen cabinets have no doors (they'll get done when they get done)...

...and the baby's room has zero room for a baby, but someday...

More than the physical spaces being "finished" (which will be a long work in progress), I want the space we create and occupy to show welcome, to make it just fine for everyone to come as they are whenever they're able to make it.

Before we moved in here, I always felt like our house had to be picked up, cleaned, and (obviously) finished for us to have guests.

No more. I'm over that. Maybe it's my age or the "getting ready for a second child" thing or who knows... but I'm done with trying to keep up appearances. I'm ready to just be us in our space.

Home for me is about comfort, about welcome, about showing love and care for others. I want our space to be a place where people feel comfortable and loved and cared for.

So, dear friends and family, stop by anytime. You are welcome, just like you are, because that's just how we'll be.