Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lincoln Speak, Again

There's a reason I call him my "jabberjay."

"God made Papa's wheat feel better."

"I'm pianoing!"


"Daddy, daddy, daddy. Did you say 'cows'?"
(In a very distressed voice) "I don't know what I'm talking about."

Brad: "We're going to the zoo tomorrow!"
"Are we going to the Cabelas zoo?"

Lincoln: "Where's our dog?"
"We don't have a dog anymore. Do you mean Layla?"
"No. I mean Lucy."
"Lucy is Daniel and Megan's dog, not ours."
"Yes she is! We share her! We share Lucy."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beaver Lake

This past week we made our almost-annual trip to the cabin on Beaver Lake.

We got to spend the week with mom and dad, Sarah, Megan and Daniel, and Adam and Jill. We missed Hannah and Jamie a whole bunch!

Brad and Adam got to go on a guided fishing trip for Brad's 30th birthday. The didn't have much luck, but the fishing guide was apparently quite entertaining.

Some of the highlights for Lincoln were being the center of attention, "helping" drive the boat, throwing rocks in the lake, the "hay loft," and the "kazebo."


Lincoln was pretty hesitant to get into the water, especially after he accidentally went under once. So Aunt Megan helped him with some play therapy, which included a "bathtub" on the dock and splashing his feet in the lake.

Lincoln's phrase of the week was "Not yet!" When we'd ask, "Do you want to float in the water?" or "Do you want to go on a boat ride?" or "Do you want to go tubing?" The answer was always "Not yet!"

Lincoln was finally ready to float in the lake the day before we left. He was quite happy to be on the floaty with mommy, splashing and playing catch with his rubber ducky. It felt like a huge success after all the stalling and coaxing!

We had a great week, and Lincoln is already asking to go back to the lake!