Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

We spent Palm Sunday at the farm with the Loganbills since mom was working on Easter weekend. I don't have any pictures because I forgot my camera.

Lincoln got a little bit of an Easter basket from mommy and daddy (but lots more from the Markowitz clan!).

Easter Sunday we went to church but had to leave early to make it to Emporia for lunch. We ate, then Lincoln had his very own Easter egg hunt (twice). He LOVED it! He would squeal/scream every time he spotted an egg and run to pick it up.

He counted them later with Uncle Game and Grampy - 25!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gone Fishing!

Lincoln's birthday present from us was a fishing pole. The next nice Saturday we took it to El Dorado Lake to try it out!

He lasted about four casts before he decided he was done and wanted to sit down - until daddy walked off to fish on his own for a bit. Then he was a little adventurer, following daddy around, regardless of the terrain!

After fishing we walked around on some paths and spent time at a play area. We had a great day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mr. Fix It

Lincoln got a couple of tool sets for his birthday, so he's been fixing quite a few things around the house.

He helped daddy put the license frame on the Escape with real tools.

Then he moved on to his own vehicle. The John Deere tools were the perfect match!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pinterest Project 6

My inspiration was this picture, but Brad voted for corkboard, not twine and clothespins. I got the old window from my parents' house. The fabric was on sale at Joann. I was going to leave the window as it was (after a good sanding), but it blended in to the beige walls a little too much for me. The pictures are pretty self-explanatory.

I have found a few others old windows at the farm (some with glass in them still!), so we'll see what kind of plans I can come up with for them!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pinterest projects 4&5

I've been a master of Pinterest projects lately. Sort of.

The first starts with a discarded shirt of my dad's...

Turned pillow sham! I was inspired by this blog post (saved via Pinterest), but I didn't have quite enough shirt to do the 2 inch outline. I think it probably would look better with that, but I still like it a lot, especially the side without the snaps.

My other recent Pinterest project was a pennant banner for Lincoln's birthday party. I made one for his party last year and decided to continue the tradition for at least year two, maybe more. I plan to put it up in his room (but it's still at my parents' house for now). This one was a little trickier than last because it involved directional fabric (the John Deere) that had a pretty large print.

I got smart this year and cut them out with right sides pinned together. That made a lot less work and everything matched up well.

I forgot to get any pictures of it at the party, but it looked pretty good with the other green and yellow.

I love it when projects turn out just the way I want! Who wouldn't?!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


A few weeks before Lincoln's birthday, my mom called and asked if he would like a card table tent. I said sure! I was thinking about sewing one myself but did not have the motivation to get one done.

I was thinking a door, maybe a couple windows... little did I know what was coming!

A horse, and puppy with a ball to chase, bees that un-velcro, and flowers that he can (eventually) "pick."

Corn, carrots, and beets to pick!

A tractor with spinning wheels and, of course, a cow.

Doors that unzip and swing open, a mailbox he can put letters in!

On the inside...
Chickens with eggs in their nests to gather.

A piggy to feed.

And itty bitty kitty cats hiding in the hay bales!

Lincoln loves his barn, especially the itty bitty kitty cats. He told me this story before bed the other night:

"Kitty Cat" - a story by Lincoln J. Kohlman
"Bitty bitty kitty cats. Move bales first. Find bitty bitty kitty cats. Next day. Dama hold me. Kitty run away. Climb ladder. Kitty cat climb down ladder. Move bales. Find bitty bitty kitty cats."
This is a combination of two stories - one that I told Lincoln about how Sarah, Hannah, Daniel, and I used to search for kittens in the barn when we were little and one that he experienced this weekend with his Grandma Valerie when they went into the "kitty cat barn" and the cat was scared away by the dog.