Sunday, March 22, 2015

Party Time!

We celebrated Lincoln's birthday yesterday with a party at the farm! Lots of family and even some friends came out to celebrate. Papa John even pulled out the combine and a tractor for the farm boy!

{These pictures are in no particular order other than how they uploaded. I'm not going to spend that much time rearranging them. They're also pretty random because I just pulled out the camera a couple times.}

Lincoln Jesse Kohlman is 2!


It's hard to believe that it was two whole years ago that we first met you, first held you, first hugged and kissed you. In those two years, you have grown quickly into a little boy we are so proud of. Happy, happy, happy birthday to our joyful, loving, silly, thoughtful, bright little boy!


Mommy and Daddy


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sedgwick County Zoo

Dale and Rebecca got Lincoln a zoo membership for Christmas. With the craziness of the beginning of the year and the weather on our free weekends, we finally got to go for the first time in March!

Chit Chat

I love conversations with this silly boy!

"Dama made dat banket?"
"Yes, Grandma made that blanket."
"Mommy made dis banket?"
"No. We bought that one at the store."
"Oh. Dat's too bad."

"Do you want to go to the zoo on Saturday?"
"Pewwy Ewis come, too!"
"You want Perry Ellis to come to the zoo with us?"
"Do you like Perry Ellis?"
"Mine hug him!"

When we listen to "If I Only had a Brain," Lincoln gets really excited at the line "With the thoughts you'd be thinking you could be another Lincoln..." and tells me"Say ME! Dorfee say me, mommy!"

Brad and Justin left...
"They went to get medicine for Uncle Game because he's been sick."
"Yeah. Dat's true, mommy."

Asking for milk:
"Dat's in the fridge, mommy! I know, mommy!"
{I lauged.}
"I know you, mommy! I know you!"

Brad: "Is it time for you to go to bed, Lincoln?"
"Yes. And den I say 'mama, mama, mama, mama, mama!'"
"No. You need to go to bed and be quiet."
{Brad leave the room.}
"Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama!"