Monday, July 21, 2014

holding hands

Yesterday, after a couple of late nights, we put Lincoln to bed a little earlier than normal, thinking he would fall right asleep. Most naps and nights, we can just lay him down in bed and he goes to sleep on his own (sometimes after a little chatter).

But last night he was having a little trouble, so I went in to rock him. He kept trying to grab my mouth to be silly, so I held his hand until he was relaxed. Then I let go.

Right away, he grabbed my hand, moved it back to the right spot, and slid his palm against my fingers. I smiled, thinking how rare it is for him to want to be close and still. I'll admit, I tested him once, twice more to see if he would reach for my hand again. And he did. Once, twice more.

Already, Lincoln has grown up. We look at him often and, with a sigh, note that he's no longer a baby.  He's a little boy. And that's how it should be. Babies are supposed to grow into toddlers, toddlers to preschoolers, and on and on. It's great fun to watch him learn and grow and delight in his new skills. It's also so hard to know that, as our baby grows, we have to learn to let go - but, as I was reminded last night, we let go only if and when he's ready for us to. And we can (and will, I dare say) hold on whenever we have the chance.

So last night I held Lincoln, and we rocked and cuddled and held hands for a while, longer than intended, just as long as we both needed.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


We haven't spent as much time in the water this summer as I would have liked, but so far Lincoln seems to have a hot/cold relationship with swimming. Sometimes he loves it, sometimes he doesn't want anything to do with it. Sometimes, though, he can't decide how he feels and wants to get in and out and in and out.

We went to a Water Babies class at the Y for the month of June. It was okay, just a lot of getting used to the water. Lincoln loved when he got to splash and walk around in the shallow area before and after class (independently), but during class, when he had to rely on me to hold and move him, he was pretty cranky.

We also got to swim for a while on the 4th of July at Barb and Jeff's neighbor's pool.

With me, he was in and out all the time and pretty whiny. Maybe he remembered Water Babies?!

Once he got into Uncle Justin's arms, he was happy as a lark!

Lincoln wasn't too sure about Jordan, though, so this didn't last long!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July!

We started the 4th on the farm at lunchtime with some of my family, then headed up to Brad's mom and dad's for supper and some explosions.