Monday, June 30, 2014

June Update

It's been a pretty busy month around here... story time, swim lessons, days at Penny's, time with both sets of grandparents, harvest, a trip to Missouri, plus all that every day life! Here's a little bit about what Lincoln's been up to (besides the large and obvious and already-posted events).

We got out his t-ball set (birthday gift from Aunt Leah). He had some fun swinging and even hit the ball once without any help from daddy.

But, hands-down, the best part about t-ball?

...putting the ball back on the tee where it belongs, of course. This kid does enjoy order and organization.

One rainy day we made oobleck and had some fun.

After finding a doll at Grandma's house, Lincoln has really taken an interest in babies. He loves to hold, rock, and "love" his babies. At home, we have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls; Andy's his favorite.

He has a pretty extensive vocabulary, especially when it comes to animal sounds! He also babbles quite a bit, with good inflection, so it's fun to speculate about what he's trying to say.

Lincoln makes it pretty clear when he's done with something. He'll just start to leave! He's done it at the park and at story hour.

Lincoln's also learned many parts of the body. His little body had quite the growth spurt: two inches in three months (but only a pound)! He is on his third shoe size this summer. Yikes!

We go to story hour at the library most weeks. His level of interest varies depending on the activity, but last week he seemed to remember the routine and activities a little bit.

One of his favorite things this month was playing with water - pool, hoses, sprinklers, dog bowl... He liked going to Water Babies class at the Y, but mostly for the part when he got to splash around in the shallow end. He was not really a fan of the actual class activities.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wheat harvest: favorites!

Just a few more of my favorite pictures from our evening in the field!

Yesterday, I was getting Lincoln ready to go to the park. I put his Royals hat on his head, put some sunscreen on his face, and told him to go get shoes. He ran into his bedroom and came out with his John Deere hat on. Later, we spent about 15 minutes looking at harvest pictures from this year and last, particularly any with a combine in them. I think we might be growing a little bit of a farm boy!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wheat harvest - the grain truck

One of the best parts of harvest was always clamoring up the side of the grain truck, up onto the cab, slipping off sandals, and jumping into the wheat. Last year Lincoln was too little to get in the grain truck, but we made it this year. He was a little uncertain at first, but once he realized that it was for playing, he was all in!

This isn't the best picture, but we had a dirty, dirty boy at the end of the day!

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Harvest time!

I love wheat harvest. It's one of the best times of the year. Last year I was excited to share it with Lincoln for the first time, even though he had no idea what was going on around him. This year, I couldn't wait to get him out in the field!

Waving at Grandpa in the combine.

This is Lincoln's face whenever he's trying to figure out something new. He's so serious and focused on whatever is happening.

Cutting is slower than normal this year because the wheat is not as thick and full as we'd like, so it takes longer for the combine to fill up. Lincoln was fascinated at first, but by the time we had sat in the combine for about 15-20 minutes, he was over it. We had to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" a bunch of times...

I tried to get a picture of his sweet little curls coming out the back of his had. Too cute!

Uncle Chuck let him honk the horn in the big truck!