Saturday, May 31, 2014

Growth Chart

A long, long time ago (maybe two years?), I saw a cool growth chart on Pinterest. So I pinned it, not knowing when I'd need to make one.

Fast forward to now, with this little guy growing like a weed...

I've been keeping track of his measurements on the blog, but I wanted a visual reminder of how he's grown as well.

We had a board that I'd asked Brad to pick up for this very reason, so yesterday during nap time, we cut, sanded, traced, painted, then later stained.

We both love the way it turned out. It's much simpler than the one I pinned, but that fits us. Now all that's left to do is start marking how fast this kid is growing!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

reading time

For a long while, Lincoln hasn't been at all interested in sitting still to read a book. So, we just read to him while he plays.

Just the last week or so, though, he has sat through a few (very short) books. It started with My Mom Loves Me on Mother's Day, which I think was my gift from him (the sitting still part. I know he "picked out" the book for me).

{I know some of these pictures are completely out of focus, but I don't even care. They're too precious not to share.}

It continued when we found a good dog at the library; he's also sat still for Brown Bear, Brown Bear and a few of his Highlights Hello magazines as well.

I may have said, during this time, that "this is the best day ever."

I have to admit, it does my heart good to get to snuggle my little boy for the three minutes it takes to read one of these little books.


We finally got some much-needed rain here yesterday (almost 3 inches)! When I went to pick Lincoln up at Penny's, he was sitting on the front porch enjoying the storm with all the kids and Penny's family.

When we got home, we had to spend some time watching the rain, both inside and out! We even went out to the curb and splashed in the water there. Lincoln wasn't too sure about it at first, but once he figured it out, it was fun!

Monday, May 19, 2014

To remember...

Almost every day, I have a moment that I think, I want to remember this. This is what makes life beautiful.

Like how Lincoln is so engrossed in whatever fruit or breakfast food is on Penny's counter that he forgets I exist. Silly, hungry boy.

Like how happy this little boy is to just be outside.

Like the sound of his silly giggle and how he pants (yes, like a dog) when he's excited and happy.

Like how he runs to me, arms outstretched, when I pick him up at the end of the day.

Like how, sometimes, I am enough for him - just me as I am.

Like how, while we were at the supper table tonight, the moving truck in the neighbor's driveway pulled away and Lincoln started waving, calling out, "Bye! Bye-bye! Bye!"

Like how on the way to Penny's this morning, he insisted on having his dog book so he could "read" for the three minute drive.

Like how he giggles and climbs on me when I do abs or planks in the living room, how he handed me his little horse three times today as I tried to work out, insistent that I hold it.

Like how, one day, he laid down next to me as I did sit ups and put his hands behind his little head, like I do. I helped him do "sit ups" and he laughed out loud the whole time.

Like how you can watch his little mind working, trying to figure out the world around him.

Like how his face lights up when he makes a discovery or a connection.

Like how his curiosity, innocence, and joy make my world a better place to be.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Today while Brad was making supper, I made Lincoln his first blanket fort. It wasn't very elaborate, but it's a good start to build on in the future. I think he liked it!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Update

I have not been taking nearly enough pictures the past few weeks! I'm going to have to pick it up over the summer...

Lincoln loves dogs. A while back, he figured out that we have the DVD Marley and Me. He will now go to the TV stand, open the door, and pull out all the DVDs until he finds Marley. Then it carries it around, declaring, "dog. dog. dog." We got a book from the library about dogs, and he sat next to me on the couch for the entire story, which never happens! I'm going to have to find some more nonfiction with photographs of dogs.

One day he came home from Penny's with a tattoo!

He's had a couple bad spills on the concrete. The first was when I was picking him up at daycare. He stubbed his toe on the step (trying to go up) and banged his forehead on the concrete porch. Ouch! (The picture above is from that day.) A week later, he was running to daddy in the driveway and fell, face first. Thankfully he didn't have any serious side effects from either.

We tried to take a picture with a "Happy Birthday Grandma" sign, but Lincoln was having none of that!

Lincoln still loves to be outside and is really starting to figure out his John Deere, actually moving his feet when it's pushed. Mostly, he just runs around. Every day when we get home, I set him down and he takes off for the mailbox. Getting the mail is a highlight of each afternoon.

He waves good bye and blows kisses. Words now include "snack," "bye," "more," and "Jazzy," all of which are pretty clear but not necessarily used consistently. He's starting to talk more, even at daycare where he's been pretty quiet. He will say "Do" for his friend Jordo and "D" for Dallin. Sometimes Lincoln and daddy will have long conversations about the Royals - daddy talks and Lincoln babbles in sentences.

Lincoln's been making some animal noises; when asked, he will usually moo for a cow, baa for a sheep, and neigh for a horse. He also makes a pretty realistic pig noise with his throat somehow. That's pretty random, though. I think he just likes to do it.

Lincoln also loves to help out. He can always be counted on to help pick up his toys, put his shoes away, and even clean up after us! It's so nice to have such a good helper; we are doing our best to encourage that wonderful trait!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Flint Hills sunset

{pictures from November 2013}

"...These things--the air, the water, the scenery and we who fill these scenes--hold many and many a man to Kansas when money would tempt him away...Here are the still waters, here are the green pastures. Here, the fairest of the world's habitations."
-William Allen White, circa 1912

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Public Service Announcement

We are gearing up for a crazy political year, at least here in Kansas. I have a feeling that this gubernatorial race will be, far and away, the most hotly contested in my memory. It won't be long, either, before our next presidential campaign is up and running as well.

And, as the politics continue to escalate, I have just a little Public Service Announcement for you from your friendly Library Media Specialist.


Please think.

As you read that article or share that link, stop for just a minute and think.

Who is presenting this information? What are their biases?

Is it the teachers' union? Anti-tax corporations? Religious groups? A political candidate?

As humans, we are all consumers of information. Information is created and disseminated by other humans, by organizations, and by corporations (both of which are run by.... humans!).

Humans, organizations, and corporations all have bias. We each see the world through the lens of our own experiences and beliefs. There are very, very few truly unbiased people or organizations in our world. It's just how the world works. It's not good or bad. It simply is.

This means that a whole lot of (some would argue all of) the information presented to us will have bias. It's difficult sometimes to admit this, especially when the information takes a slant that supports our position.

We, as consumers of information, have to recognize this fact.

It's great to share that information. We need the information, biased though it may be.

Just, please, when you share it, or when you read what someone else has shared, stop and think.

And in the words of Saint Thomas Aquinas (hammered every so gracefully into every Bethel student's head by the great Dale Schrag),
"Seldom affirm. Never deny. Always distinguish."