Monday, March 24, 2014

One year pictures

When we were at the farm last week I took just a few "one year" pictures of Lincoln. Here are my favorites!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Party time!

We celebrated Lincoln's birthday on his birthday with a party at Grammy and Grampy's house. It was a good thing we decided to do it there - we couldn't have fit everyone who came in our living room! Lincoln was a little overwhelmed at all the people who were there and the gifts, but I think he ended up having a good time.

We're so grateful to have this "village" to help us raise our little guy. I can't imagine the last year without them!


Lincoln did not like the cake at all. He dipped his fingers into the frosting and made this face. I think he ate one frosting-less bite that Brad fed him.

Clean me off, please!

Ice cream, though, I'll take that!

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Well, we made it! Your first year is (pretty much) in the books... and what a year it has been! It's incredible to think where we started, with a tiny (well, maybe not so tiny) baby who depended on us for everything. Now we have an independent toddler who has a few words and knows what he wants.


You still love Jazzy, as well as most other dogs - on your own terms. Grandma's dog, Leila, is a little scary, and Daniel's puppy Lucy took some getting used to. But, when you get to approach the dog first, it's all good. You call pretty much every animal "dog," but I think you may have said "cow" once or twice about your farm toys. 

You love to put things away. Anything that can go in a pot or box goes in - except when it's time to pick up! You also know that books go on shelves and will put your books away on the bookshelves. I was amazed the first time you carried a book from the living room to your room and put it away. You also like to play with (actually hit) the blinds and will go to great lengths to get around the TV to one window. We gave you the barn for your birthday (a little early, so you could play over spring break), and you actually sit down and play with it for short stretches of time. Otherwise, you are moving, moving, moving!

You are definitely walking everywhere. I haven't seen you scoot anywhere for a couple weeks now, especially since you can push yourself up to standing. You've tried to run a couple times, but that hasn't worked too well for you so far.

Your words now include daddy, out, door, kitty, and no. ... and maybe cow. It's just so hard to tell sometimes! You usually want to be where daddy is and will run to the door when he comes home or follow him to the door when he leaves.

Seven teeth are in. We're waiting on the eighth to round out the four top and four bottom, but it's not making an appearance yet.

You are a happy happy little boy. (You can get pretty mad when you don't get your way but that's very short-lived, and you're usually not upset unless you're tired or hungry.) One day Penny sent me this text message: "God bless your little boy! Just wanted to tell you how much joy he brings me. I can always look to Lincoln for a smile, a hug, a laugh. He just exudes love... he's full of so much joy and he shares it." What awesome words for a mommy to have about her little man! When you get really happy, you grin big and crinkle your nose like mommy does.

I gave you your first haircut this month, just a little trim in the front, by the ears, and in the back. It's amazing how much older you look with just a few snips!

You'll dance a little bit to a few songs, like "The Man" and all the little songs that your barn plays.

You weigh 24.8 lbs. and are 29.5 inches long. You've added almost 10 inches and nearly tripled your birth weight in the last year!