Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eleven months!


Can it already be time to plan a birthday party? I guess so!

Well, there was one huge change this month... You are WALKING! For the first couple days you would only walk a couple steps to a person or a piece of furniture. Now, you'll take quite a few steps in a row by yourself (up to about six, but who's counting?!) and are starting to venture out just for the thrill of it. You are still a little wobbly, but you're learning to pause or take a step backwards to regain your balance. You really like to hold one of our hands (just one hand!) and walk next to us like a big boy. Shoes are one of your least favorite things now; we don't put them on you often, but are trying to ease into shoe wearing.

You love to "talk on the phone" and started grabbing a phone, putting it by your ear, and tilting your head to the side. You will say "eh-wo," which we think is "hello." Then you just giggle and grin. You'll also put the phone up to daddy's ear to get him to talk. 

You haven't been using your words much lately (dog, uh-oh), and you haven't added any new words. We have started to decipher some of your "baby babble" (like "um" = more, meaning any food), but I'm not sure whether that counts as words.

You're up to six teeth now, with one more - maybe two - very close to poking through. It seems like you've been teething constantly since it started, so hopefully you'll have a little break once these first eight are in. Thankfully only one or two of them have really seemed to bother you.

This month you lost interest in nursing altogether, and we decided not to push it. Your interest in bottles is waning, too, so I don't think it will be too hard to start taking those away in a month or so. You are still a voracious eater. I often worry that you are eating too much, but you are pretty good about letting us know when you're done. You are also always moving (even when you're eating, you kick your feet or tap your head on the back of your chair), so that probably plays into the appetite!

One day this month you experimented with your teeth - by biting mommy and daddy. That was short-lived! When we tell you "no" sternly, you will pout or cry, but it typically ends whatever behavior you are not supposed to be doing (usually hitting daddy when he does something you don't like or whining for food).

One day I was in the kitchen and glanced over to check on you in the living room. You were standing next to the ottoman clapping, like you were so proud of yourself. Silly little boy!

So much fun to watch you grow and learn!

Friday, February 21, 2014

to know a church

My son's first birthday is just over a month away. He has been the most incredible blessing - and the greatest challenge - of our lives. I have spent more than a few moments throughout the past year thinking about the world I want my son to live in, and, more importantly, the church I want him to know.

I want my child to know a church where everyone's gifts are celebrated - and used. 

I want him to know a church in which our differences are cause for unity because they make us stronger. 

I want him to know a church where judgment is buried by forgiveness and healing. 

I want him to see that the church strives to show each other unconditional love, in spite of our imperfect humanity.

My prayer is that the Mennonite Church can become this church, sooner than later.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

baby steps...

Lincoln took his very first unassisted steps today, one at a time. Sometimes little steps are a pretty big deal.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

planning ahead...

Santa Claus has been a discussion in our house for a couple of years. We have come to the decision that Santa will bring stocking stuffers only; all the bigger gifts will be from mom and dad (or grandparents, aunts, uncles...). This year, though, we didn't do anything since Lincoln was too young to understand any of what was going on. He was also sick and uninterested.

Knowing that Santa will be coming for many future years, I had started to search for stockings before Christmas. I couldn't find any I liked. So what does a person do then?! Turn to Pinterest, of course! I found this pattern/tutorial and lots of examples of stockings that were burlap with a more festive cuff, so I decided to combine the two ideas.

I hit the post-Christmas sales at JoAnn with my gift card (from Brad). All the Christmas fabric was 50% off, and fat quarters were $.99. It was one of those trips when I saved more than I spent (I think we can all agree that's the best kind of shopping trip, right?). I used linen for the "body" of the stockings with some fusible batting between. The lining is the same fabric as the red cuff. I painted and added little wooden letters (ribbon is just looped through the hook and hot glued to the back of the letters) to help me remember which stocking belongs to which person.

This is what I ended up with (plus a few extra for future family members because I always think, "as long as I'm doing it, I might as well"):

I love the way they turned out, and I'm looking forward to hanging them up next December!

I have most of my gift list for "Handmade Christmas 2014" figured out, and those are next on my list of projects. This is the year I'm finally doing it!