Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas on the Farm

Our final Christmas was on Sunday, the 29th, with my family. We all went to church at Grace Hill, a first since who knows when. After that, we had a sibling gift exchange with a "consumables" theme, ate a delicious dinner of chicken cordon bleu, and enjoyed a few more gifts, lots more food, and a kitchen clean-out for mom's gift.

Loganbill Christmas

On Friday, we loaded up and headed to Hesston for Loganbill Christmas. We had the traditional family brunch and spent lots of time visiting. Some highlights were a gift shower for the cabin and a tour of my cousin Christian's new home.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day at home. We opened presents early, just the three of us, then had pancakes for breakfast.

The gift opening didn't take long. We gave Lincoln a new car seat (which he's been using a while), some onesies, and a few books. He didn't feel well again, and actually broke out in another rash the next day, from some other infection.

He did check out daddy's new reel.

We invited our families over for supper so they could see Lincoln and we could have some company. Brad's parents couldn't come since they had Markowitz Christmas at their house. It ended up being great for us to have some family around in the evening since Lincoln had a pretty rough day.
He actually grabbed the paper on this present from Great Grandma Lu and ripped a little bit. It is a book of nursery rhymes that plays the music as well.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Barb, Jeff, Leah, and Justin in Cottonwood Falls. Lincoln had a fever that day (more on that later) and was not quite his normal self. Despite that, he had fun and was spoiled by his grandparents, aunt, and uncle.

He was so serious for all my pictures in front of the tree.

 He didn't really want to take a picture with Uncle Justin.

He spent some time working on his push-up form. (This is step one in his transition from lying down to sitting up.)

Lincoln was completely uninterested in opening presents. I thought he would at least enjoy tearing the paper, but no such luck. He received some puzzles, a wooden shape sorter, a "baby's first Christmas" rocking horse ornament, a Fisher Price tractor and trailer, and a musical turtle.

He did enjoy checking out Aunt Leah's "pretties."

The closest he got to "opening" a present was this: putting the nesting pirate in the bag, then pulling it back out.

This is a rocking chair that someone from Barb and Jeff's church made for Lincoln. We've left it at Grammy and Grampy's so far, but we'll have to bring it home soon! Lincoln was in love with the kitties! He wanted to pet them so badly. Unfortunately, they wanted nothing to do with him.

Brad's best gift of the day was his dad's fishing boat (an 8-foot jon boat). He asked for this a long time ago, but didn't think he was going to get it... especially after opening a couple other nice gifts. It was an awesome surprise when he opened a gift that had a picture of "Brad's boat" in it!

It was a great day of time together!