Monday, January 28, 2013

officially official

I was so excited when this came in the mail on Friday:

For some reason this makes it feel more real than finishing classes or even graduation.

Praxis test (for licensing) this Friday, then continuing the job hunt!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ewalt Shower

This week Brad's school threw a baby shower for us. We received lots and lots of clothes, books, toys, and other baby goods. We're so grateful to have this many people showering us with love and support... and gifts!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Today's my birthday. It's also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration Day.

It was also an inservice day. I am worn out and enjoying a quiet evening at home with Jazzy. (Brad has a meeting at church tonight; I left before he got up, and he was gone before I got home. Oh well.)

A few years ago I started the birthday tradition of posting random facts about myself. So...

27 years = 27 random facts

1. This is the first year of my life I haven't gotten extremely excited in the days (or weeks, or months) leading up to my birthday. I don't know if it was because it seems anticlimactic this year or if I'm just maturing or if it's because I'm looking forward to another birthday that's still a couple of months away.

2. I keep my straight pins in a pincushion organized by color. My mom laughed hysterically the first time she saw it. She just got me a magnetic pin holder for my birthday... she says it's so I can pick up any pins I drop easily, but I think it's so she doesn't have to color code them when she comes over to sew.

3. As excited as I am to meet our little guy, I do not want him to come even one day early. I've seen too many preemies lately, and even though they have done well, I know it's a very tough place to be. In fact, I kind of want him to be a little bit late, but that's selfish so that I can have spring break off, then start my paid leave.

4. I wasn't sure if I would really like it, but I love my Kindle Fire. My favorite thing is to check out books from the library.

5. I'm currently reading Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. I only have a few more days on my loan, so I need to get reading...

6. When blogging, I never know whether to put a description before or after the picture it belongs with.

7. I love having ice cream cake for my birthday every year, even in January. When I was little and we went to Dairy Queen for treats I would always get the miniature ice cream cakes... until I discovered how amazing Blizzards are. Now I just reserve the cake for birthday, except Brad's moved the bar up with cakes from Coldstone and Marble Slab the last two years.

8. I'm not really worried about how Jazzy is going to react to the baby. I honestly think she will do pretty well and be his protector. I hope...

9. Sometimes I miss Brad coaching. But, if there were a year for him to stop, this is it. When we go to games I'm glad he's not coaching because sitting in the bleachers is not a good time these days.

10. I've been trying not to check our baby registry to see if anyone's purchased anything lately, but it's really hard for me. I pretend that I'm checking it to determine whether anything is out of stock or discontinued (which is partially true), but that's not entirely the case.

11. I get a little sad when it's too warm in winter to turn on the fireplace and curl up on the loveseat with an afghan. I love reading in front of the fire.

12. I'm starting to get nervous about taking my library licensing exam next Friday (February 1st). I don't feel like I've studied nearly enough. I have spent quite a bit of treadmill time with my notes, though.

13. Brad got my birthday gift at Cabela's this year. I was a little nervous when he told me where he picked it up, but it's a really nice fleece jacket.

14. I haven't gotten my hair cut since school started. I know that's a really, really long time, and that it's not good to go that long between cuts, but I absolutely hate getting my hair cut. It's awkward, and I never really like the outcome, so I avoid the event at all costs. I think I'd probably better go in soon.

15. I am honestly glad that The Office is ending this season. It's good to quit while you're still ahead. I'm afraid that another season or two would just be dragging things out too long.

16. I'm pretty excited that I will be on maternity leave for most of March Madness. I know I'm not going to be sitting around with nothing to do, but it will be nice to have some basketball on in the background of our new normal.

17. I love houseplants.

18. Christmas is the only holiday or season that I decorate for. Other than that, our house looks the same year-round. I think that's why I get so excited to put up the tree and get out all the nativities and Santas.

19. It's not even track season yet, but I already miss coaching. I definitely wouldn't rather be doing that than spending time with Baby K, but it's something that I would like to do again some day.

20. One of my favorite things from childhood is how my mom used to wrap presents in newsprint and then draw pictures on them. She has done it for Christmas a couple of times in the last few years.

21. I get really excited when we get something good in the mail - meaning something that's not junk or a bill.

22. I know that we're getting close to just having things we use and love, or those that have sentimental value, around the house, after my numerous moments of purging. I still want to find more to send to Goodwill, though. I think I'll always feel that way.

23. All the stuff that the baby needs and/or that is nice to have for the baby kind of feels like clutter to me right now. We don't even have that much stuff, compared to what we could (although we have 2 or 3 showers to go), but sometimes I look around and wonder "why?" I suppose we'll sort through it over time and figure out what to live without...

24. I drink a lot of water in a day. And by "a lot," I mean at least 10-12 8-ounce glasses. So I'm not sure if all my trips to the bathroom really have that much to do with pregnancy...

25. I am one note behind on thank-you writing. I hate that. But it hasn't been enough to motivate me so far. (Brad is several notes behind... I'm pretty sure his are written, just not sent.)

26. I feel like some of these are really lame. I should have started thinking about this a few days ago, instead of doing it all in one evening, after a long day at work.

27. I'm excited that I will get to celebrate my next birthday with the two men in my life! I'm looking forward to this year for so many reasons.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hope...

I just saw this article on Jenn's blog, and I had to post it, mostly as a reminder to myself. This was written a while ago, but it so well sums up so many of the things I wish for my future as a mom.

Am I Mom Enough?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

30 = 3/4

Today marks 30 weeks into this pregnancy. I feel like I really shouldn't complain at this point. I mean, I made it 75% through without truly feeling pregnant (other than nausea or fatigue, but I'm thinking more of the physical body changes part of feeling pregnant) and this little guy is still safe and sound and growing on the inside... but I kind of want to complain sometimes.

Just since going back to work after the break I've felt really pregnant, like my body has definitely changed. Obviously it has... but I wasn't quite this aware of those changes before. It's been hard to be back at work because of this feeling. I'm mostly just achy and tired and short of breath at weird times (the third trimester is like that, I hear). It seems like my "baby belly" has become less long and more round. Or maybe that's just me, with some wishful thinking about weight shifting instead of increasing...

I've also decided that I'm pretty much done with any significant amount of running for the pregnancy (notice how I just can't bring myself to say I'm done running... not yet, anyway). It's weird - I don't have trouble with my heart rate or breathing when I run. It's just my legs/feet. They ache so, so much during and after. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a wimp, but I don't think so. I think the combination of weight gain, balance shift, and time on the treadmill is taking its toll...

Tomorrow I go to the doctor; then appointments every two weeks! Saturday we have childbirth preparation class, and the next Saturday is a tour of the New Life Center. Today I called a family practice doctor here in town to make sure she's taking new patients. Things are starting to move right along. We still need to work on the daycare thing, though.

Over Christmas my sisters, mom, and friend, Becca, hosted a baby shower for me. I don't have any pictures from the event (maybe Sarah will post some on her blog soon?!), but I did take the cards and the advice notes that people wrote and hole-punched them for this little project from where else?! Pinterest, of course. (I'm planning on this blog being a "baby book" of sorts, since there's a really cool program I've seen that you can use to turn it into an actual book, so I needed another way to keep track of these cards and sweet notes.)

The best shower activity ever?! Everybody who wanted to could help make pieces for our flannel board. We have The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear sets, along with a few other shapes. I'm so excited to use this!

I started to feel guilty that I make stuff for other people's babies but hadn't even thought about making something for mine. So... Brad and I picked out some flannel and laid out a blanket (because you can never have too many "blankies"). We'll see if/when this project actually gets done. :)

A student randomly told me today that "If your baby's a boy, you should name him Frank like a hamster." I have no idea why Frank is like a hamster... or how she missed the announcement that we are, indeed, having a boy. But I decided to let that go and enjoy the humor. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rock-a-bye Baby

One of the projects I really wanted to get done over Christmas break was this rocking chair. It was about the only one I actually accomplished.

It belonged to my grandma's grandma, Freni Zerger, which would make it a good century or so old. When my grandparents downsized, this was one of the special things we got to bring home.

For a 100-year-old piece of furniture, this is amazingly comfortable, so I knew I didn't need another rocking chair or a glider for the nursery.  I just needed a new seat cover, preferably one that wasn't disintegrating burlap. This is the only before picture I could find. You can kind of see how one corner was torn.

On New Year's Eve, we ventured into Wichita. I think most people must have been at work or resting up in preparation for their big parties, because every store we went to was pretty empty. I was expecting chaos but it was actually kind of calm for Wichita shopping. We knew we wanted gray fabric for the seat. At JoAnn (thanks for the gift card, Darrel & Paula!), they didn't have much selection - there was only one gray in the upholstery section, so we went with it.

The switch didn't take much. I used the old cover as an approximate pattern, mostly for size. Then I zig-zagged around the edges to make sure it doesn't fray too much.

You can really see the beauty of the old cover in this picture, although this is the underside...

The old cover was just tacked down, so it was easy to fold the new one under and tack it on (although the tacks aren't exactly evenly spaced - I might try to add a few to the front to even things out if I'm feeling really OCD some day). I really love the fabric color and how it turned out. It looks just right.

I can't wait to rock our baby in this special chair!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I know I just posted three times yesterday, but I'm so excited to share what I made this morning! (Maybe my sort-of resolution to post more often is already coming true!)

I started playing with Photoshop Elements yesterday evening when we got the new computer all set up. This is one of the things that I've put together so far - the only one that's actually finished.

We chose a Bible verse and a quote for Baby K, and I'm working on those as well to print and frame for the nursery. They're a little more complicated than this alphabet one. I made the ABC's actually for Baby's name (you know, like M is for Megan), but I'm not going to share that one until he's here. :) Sorry. I totally stole the name idea from Pinterest. I really like this version, too, and am brainstorming what others I could make.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Loganbill Christmas

By the end of Christmas week, we were pretty tired, but not too tired to celebrate again. This time we were in Moundridge for Loganbill Christmas with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was the first time our whole family has been together in years - but somehow we didn't manage to get any pictures of the whole crew, my one regret from the day.

Don't worry - the garage is heated, so brunch was quite pleasant. It was nice to have the extra space to spread out.

Even during the moments of mass chaos, it was nice to have everyone in the same place for a little while. I'm hoping it's not years before we're all together again... but I guess we'll see.

(Make sure you don't miss Christmas on the Farm and Christmas Eve & Day posts below!)

Christmas on the Farm

We headed out to the farm the morning of the 26th. My whole family was there, which is always fun.

For as long as I can remember, we've had cherry rolls for breakfast on Christmas. They are my favorite.


After breakfast we opened gifts. A couple years ago, my siblings decided to go with a grab bag gift exchange. It's a lot easier than buying gifts for everyone and it's fun.

When we were little, my mom would buy end rolls of newsprint from The Newton Kansan and wrap our birthday gifts in them. She decorated the paper with her doodles. A few years ago she did it for a Christmas surprise... so I requested that she do a few again. 

Apparently opening this gift required lots of focus...

Brad had the idea. Daniel carried it out. We wrapped dad's gift (two gift cards) in a box that he had to unscrew to open. It was hilarious... especially when he pretended that the drill had died and he couldn't get the very last screw out. 

Another highlight was the stole that mom made for Jamie. It's beautiful.

Our surprise gift from dad this year... He bought us each a Target gift card with the excuse that he didn't think we'd all be there (you know, because the world was supposed to end). Then, at the very end, he pulled a box out from underneath the buffet and tossed us each a journal that he made on Shutterfly. Pretty cool stuff. 

My mom - I mean, Mrs. Claus, also made us each a set of placemats and cloth napkins. Brad was especially excited about our maroon and gray color scheme.

Grandpa Melvin joined us later for lunch. We also put together a Santa puzzle, a Klaassen Christmas tradition. 

Make sure you scroll down to read about Christmas Eve & Day. There's still one more Christmas post coming...

Christmas Eve & Day

We have now transitioned to our new computer, so I'm hoping I'll be posting a little more regularly now... no promises, though.

On Christmas Eve we opened our presents from each other. Brad got me Photoshop Elements 10 and a manual to go along with it, but it wasn't a surprise, since he was so excited he told me about it over a month ago. I haven't edited any pictures yet (I was waiting on the new computer to load the software and upload Christmas pictures), but I just spent the last hour playing around with some text design for Baby K's room. I love it so far. I got him a spinning rod and reel and a t-shirt.

The t-shirt is the periodic table of fishing lures. Brad wore it to school today; I was so proud. Really. I love this shirt!

We also got Jazzy a squeaky bass which she promptly unsqueaked. She still loves it.

In the evening we went to the Christmas Eve service at Grace Hill. It had been a while since I've been back for it; they had a beautiful service, including the candlelit singing of Silent Night, one of my favorite moments of the year. 

On Christmas Day, we went to Cottonwood Falls to celebrate with Barb, Jeff, Leah, and Justin.

Ima Jean, Jim, Sheila, Anthony, and Andrea joined us at lunchtime, then we opened just a few more gifts. (Like I said, we're spoiled!)

Next up: Christmas on the farm!