Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I look tired (this picture was taken at 6:45 a.m.). It's been a long week already... there must be a holiday sometime, or a full moon, no wait! Both!

I actually don't really like Halloween. Maybe it comes from growing up in the country and not really going trick-or-treating or having many trick-or-treaters. (Although, Erin, if you're reading this, I'm pretty sure my mom still buys candy, just in case, so take your kids over!) We just hit a few neighbors' houses. I have to admit that we had it pretty good. Those few (mostly older or related to us) neighbors always knew we were coming and often had goody bags ready for each of us, instead of just a mini candy bar. And, if I recall correctly, some were sent along with me and Daniel for Hannah and Sarah even after they had stopped trick-or-treating.

It also could come from the fact that the year I was going to be a ballerina it snowed. And I had to be something else... (this happened to be the one year that dad took us into town to beg for candy trick-or-treat.)

I even already told Brad he has to take the children trick-or-treating while I sit at home in the dark. Maybe I'll change my tune when I have a cute little pumpkin or something to cart around. 

Anyway, I'm not a fan of the holiday. The past couple of years we have spent a lot of money on candy, and there are never any leftovers. We usually have to turn off the light early. Lots of kids come to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat because it's basically two long streets with several cul-de-sacs along the way. Or maybe they come because it's Mr. Kohlman's house.

This year, I decided to be the Halloween Grinch. Brad has class tonight, so it'll just be Jazzy (who goes crazy at the sound of the doorbell) and me. I didn't buy any candy (candy is not really a good thing for me to have around the house, anyway. I give in way too easily), and I'm keeping as many lights off as possible.

Sorry, kids, maybe next year.

I did get over my Grinch-iness long enough to slap a Mr. Potatohead face on baby boy this morning... mainly because I wanted to wear a t-shirt and jeans to school.

Monday, October 29, 2012

20 (tomorrow)

Tomorrow marks the halfway point of this pregnancy. It definitely doesn't feel like I'm that far along, but I suppose there are obvious reasons for that. I'm still kind of at a point where the size of the bump depends on the day...

(This picture is really from Friday, when I was 19 weeks 3 days, or something like that. I made Brad take it because I had on a really trendy outfit. I mean, those are (handed-down) jeggings... way too fashionable for normal Megan. Seriously, though, that's why. Otherwise you'd probably be getting sweats and a hoodie, which doesn't really show the bump very well at this point.)

I have a pretty good collection of maternity shirts from a couple of friends and a few consignment stores. On Friday I ordered a couple pairs of pants from ebay. Gap Maternity, tags on, in my size for $20 (Buy It Now price)? Yes, please. The best part? The pants were delivered today... I guess that's why I paid $6 shipping.

I'm still waiting on the whole "I feel warm all the time because I'm a walking, talking incubator" part of pregnancy. I am cold all the time; I hope it kicks in before winter really starts. I celebrated this morning when I got to work because it felt like the heat was on in my classroom. Unfortunately, by the end of the day the warmth was long gone.

I feel pretty good these days, but I still get sick every once in a while. I'm still running. I have weird dreams but don't remember them as well as before. Hmm... what else?

Oh! Pet peeves... Am I allowed to have a couple of pregnancy-related pet peeves? I hope so... because I definitely do.
  1. The word "pooch." HATE it. Seriously. If you read this post and then use it to describe my appearance, I might smack you. It is not comical. Especially if you are trying to make a joke after reading this rant post. I will definitely give you a dirty look. I have a pooch; her name is Jasmine. The person who came up with this usage of the word pooch should be punished. I mean, if you want to comment on the size of my abdomen, you might as well say something remotely anatomically correct, like, "It's obvious that your uterus is expanding due to the fetus that is growing inside of you." At least I could laugh at that. And the words don't sound offensive. Or maybe you could comment on how the baby is making his presence known... or tell me how cute my baby belly is. But "pooch"? No. Please. If you love me at all. No.
  2. People who make comments that make me feel guilty about going back to work, both intentionally and unintentionally (either in May or in August). We have many, many reasons for the decisions we've made; if you'd like to know them I'm more than happy to share, just not here. I'm pretty sure this parenting thing is going to be hard enough without me having a complex before our little boy is even here. Thankfully our families are very supportive and understanding. 
Well, that's enough of that. Like I said... halfway tomorrow!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm not totally done.

I actually haven't proofread any of it.

Or checked any of my links.

(Though Brad tells me they're okay.)

But I just hit the "publish" button on weebly to put my portfolio out there for the whole world to see.

So if you're interested

...or just really bored...

here's a little bit of what I've been working on the last 2 1/2 years.

It seems a little weird that what I've poured so much time and energy and money into over the last 27-ish months is reduced to a little corner of the internet. It's also strange that my work is "out there" for everyone to check out.

I know I'm not supposed to be prideful, but I'm kind of a little bit proud of myself (or will be until I check for mistakes). 

And I kinda feel like I can breathe now.

The list looks like this:
  • proofread/revise portfolio
  • write two more reflective journal entries (out of the ten total for the assignment) - one is getting done tonight!
  • present portfolio on December 8
Then I walk across the stage (at least, I'm leaning toward walking... but I haven't decided for sure yet).

Friday, October 26, 2012

get ready, get ready...

Last week at this time I was mildly panicked, thinking about how I had a whole month less to get ready for Baby K. I mean, I know we're not quite halfway there, but I know that 20 weeks is going to fly by... the first half sure has (of course, that happens when you skip a month)! So Friday night, while Brad went on what was probably his last fishing trip of the year, I started to get things ready.

I was just going to clean out the closet in the office to make space for my sewing things.

But then I got carried away. I completely cleaned out the closet in the nursery (formerly the sewing room and guest room that no one stays in). Everything moved from that room to the office, except for the bed that went to the basement. All the things we stored in the office closet still fit, and all my sewing supplies fit. I'm pretty impressed with this. I guess that's a benefit of the boring subdivision home... substantial closet space.

Yep, that foam in there is definitely for the patio furniture cushions I was going to make in July. Oops.

I also set up my sewing machine in one corner, where the rocking chair used to be. I'm still planning to sew a Christmas present or two so it needed to be handy, although "handmade Christmas 2012" went out the window when I had no energy for four months. My mom is sewing all things baby for us.

After I'd cleaned out the nursery, I moved everything we have that's baby-related into the room. Things are pretty much just there since Barb is coming to paint the room sometime.

For the most part everything here is something we already had. The only purchases we've made are our stroller (craigslist steal!) and a few pieces of clothing from a consignment store in Wichita (Brad picked them out).

We did already get some onesies and a book from Brad's aunts and uncles. I have a feeling this baby might get just a little bit spoiled...

Seriously, this is pretty much the best possible stroller we could get (it was going to be our one big baby splurge, since we can use it from birth - with an attachment for the car seat - to70 lbs.)... and we got it for half price on craigslist. What we paid would be about the same as buying a regular stroller that can hold the infant carrier and a jogging stroller, but this does both. I could hardly contain my excitement in the baby aisles of Target when the seller called me back.

Even though we only have a few pieces of clothing, I went ahead and labeled some tubs, just to get ready. I'm a little OCD like that.

Mostly, we have books. But not too many - not nearly enough, in my opinion. Brad asked me the other night where all the books came from, so I sat down and explained every single one.

After my spree on Friday night, we spent Saturday in Wichita, finishing our registry, looking for cheap maternity clothes, and just relaxing. It was a great weekend. 

This weekend will be all about getting the degree done... I'm hoping to have all but two tasks checked off my list by Sunday evening. I'll have to share my online portfolio with you when it's done because I'm sure that will be just about as interesting this post about me cleaning out closets!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, we got the official word from my doctor today that baby's new due date is March 19. Yikes! I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow, instead of 15 weeks today.

(This picture is not creepy at all... right?!)

I'm definitely having to adjust my thinking because of this. I'm fortunate enough to get 6 weeks paid leave because I'm in the district's sick bank. The April 15 due date was almost exactly 6 weeks from the end of the school year - perfect enough to take off the rest of the year and come back in August. Or so I thought. Now the probability of going back to work, even if only for a couple of weeks, is overwhelming... even if Brad will definitely be home one week since he's off for a whole week before I am.

(While we're definitely financially stable, we have to consider the fact that we'll be paying for the last nine hours of Brad's degree right about when the baby comes and, possibly, preparing for him to take some unpaid leave to finish his internship. None of this is new news or earth-shattering or negative. Just what we personally have to take into consideration before making decisions.)

Brad says to tell you that this arm is going to throw 95 mph.

Financial thoughts/stress aside, it is pretty darn exciting to think that we are just about 148 days, give or take, (according to our Target registry's countdown) away from meeting our little boy!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

14... oh, nevermind - 18!

...or something like that.

This has been an absolutely crazy week, to say the very least.

Before you anxiously read all of this, the long story short is the baby is doing great but measuring four weeks ahead.

But in case you want it, here's the long story...

Monday was my normal 14 week appointment. We even had a little sonogram (just the portable one in the doctor's office) to make sure there's only one baby. There is. Everything looked great.

Tuesday I didn't feel well. At all. I kind of felt like someone stabbed me in the stomach all day long. I finally called the doctor and went in to listen for the heartbeat. (Brad couldn't be there because he had a faculty meeting... we were both feeling pretty nervous at this point.) Dr. Fullerton was very reassuring that there are a number of things that could be causing the pain that had nothing to do with the baby's well-being and everything to do with my body trying to accommodate the baby.  The heartbeat was good, and she could hear baby moving. I told her I didn't want to be the crazy lady who came in when nothing was wrong - she made sure that I knew I'm not nuts, especially since this is my first pregnancy and I don't know what's normal. 

But, just to make sure, she sent me in for a "real" sonogram. I drove over to her other office and went in for the sono. The tech took tons of pictures and did a lot of measuring. The baby was moving around a lot and the heartbeat was good. Techs aren't allowed to say whether the baby is fine or not, but everything she did say seemed to indicate that things looked fine (commenting on heartbeat and movement). At this point the tech turned to me and asked if I was sure about how far along I was. I said yes, pretty sure, but that I hadn't had an actual sonogram or any measurements of the baby.

She then told me that the baby was measuring 18 weeks.

Not 14.



I let this sink in a little as she took a few more pictures. She told me she was doing all the measurements like they do at a normal 18-20 week sonogram in case my doctor wanted this to be mine. (Obviously not what I was planning... if nothing else, Brad was supposed to get to be there! We had just scheduled ours for December 3rd the day before.) Then I asked if she could look for the gender, label and print a picture, and put in an an envelope in case this was it for us. She said sure and did that.

After the sonogram I called Brad and filled him in. I drove home kind of in shock.

When I got home, we got to open the envelope... We're having a boy! (I sure can't tell what's what in the picture, but the tech typed "BOY!" so we're going with it.)

Wednesday I waited and waited for the doctor to call. I finally talked to her nurse (okay, "finally" was about 10:30 a.m. when I called like the crazy lady I am). Angela told me that they hadn't received the radiologist's report yet, which was actually a good thing. Any sonogram where the tech sees something that could be wrong gets pushed to the top for the radiologist to look at. If the baby's moving (check - a lot!), the heartbeat is good (check), and the tech doesn't see any other warning signs, the sonogram goes to the bottom of the list. She told me that the wait has been up to 48 hours for a report lately, but they would call me when it came in.

Nothing on Wednesday. At this point, we weren't particularly worried about the baby since my doctor was positive and the sonogram seemed to go so well and no news is good news. I finally talked to the nurse today. She said everything looks great with the baby, he's just measuring four weeks ahead (March 19 instead of April 15). Usually, the doctor changes the date when it's this much of a difference, but she hasn't looked at the report yet - and probably won't until Monday (she's not in the office on Fridays). So we'll wait (impatiently) this weekend to see what the verdict is. I know that the baby will come when the baby comes, regardless of the official due date and there's obviously nothing I can do about it now, but I'm a little bit Type-A, so I'd like to at least have a month...

Anyway, that's the scoop on Baby K. We're not sure when he's coming, but he's coming.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


For the record, I was not going to take and post pictures of my stomach growing. But Katy asked. And she's all the way in New Zealand, so... here you go, Katydid! (and everyone else, by default, aren't you lucky?!)

I tried to google creative pregnancy update blog posts because, if I'm going to do updates, I want it to be more fun than writing about how much weight I've gained and how my clothes don't fit anymore (which, for the record, some don't already). But I kind of struck out. Apparently nobody labels their creative pregnancy update blog posts as creative pregnancy updates. Bummer. Maybe I should start that trend?

This is me (obviously) just shy of 13 weeks. I'm sure it's just the angle that makes me look so big. Right?! I do feel like I have quite a stomach these days, although my personal angle of looking straight down is not necessarily the best either. 

As a total aside... who recognizes the location of this picture (if you were there when it was taken you can't answer)?! 10 points extra credit to the first person who answers!

Other things...

I have continued to run and will continue to run as long as I feel safe - as in, I don't feel as though I'm going to tip over and I can breathe. I've slowed down a bit (+30 seconds/mile, give or take) and have had to resort to the treadmill the last few cold mornings, but other than that nothing's much different. And I guess the treadmill would have happened anyway.

I had three friends (former co-workers) tell me they weren't sure I'd ever have a baby because of all their horror stories about giving birth and raising children. To be fair, they have far more wonderful stories... at least about the raising kids part.

Friday night I had a dream that when I woke up in the morning we suddenly had three Jasmines. Brad told me it's a sign that we're having triplets. I'm pretty sure that's not it. (But I believe my doctor is planning on a sonogram next Monday to get an official head count since twins run in the family, as two of dad's cousins pointed out on Saturday.) 

We will be finding out the gender in December. We'll even be sharing that with anyone who wants to know. But we won't share the name until the baby's born. We do have a boy name, but a girl name is going to be hard. Really, really hard. So we are taking suggestions for that.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Did you know today's a holiday? Seriously. You'd think schools would take a day off to celebrate the "discovery" of America (note the quotes). But no.

That's okay, though. Because we did plenty of celebrating this weekend. Jamie and Sarah planned a worship service and reception to celebrate and honor their commitment to each other.

Somehow we managed to completely transform the shop at the farm.

This is not the best version of the sibling pictures, but it's hard to tell with the thumbnails when uploading...

the "extras"
love them

All of these people joined us!

And then we ate... but I don't have many pictures from this part. I think you get the picture...

I had so much fun seeing everyone and decorating and taking pictures. I'm kind of sad it's over. Siblings... time to start planning another party on the farm?!

p.s. I'll be answering the one question I got later this week. So if you have anything you want to know, feel free to ask... 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well... I wish there were lots of exciting things going on around here to follow up my last couple of posts, but other than our big news, life is just pretty normal. Everyday. Same ol', same ol'.

(Not to downplay the fact that we're having a child, of course. We're incredibly excited and thrilled and still a little in disbelief. It's just that life keeps moving... and there's not much to note on the baby front these days. Unless of course you have some questions for me/us. *hint, hint... leave a comment... hint, hint* I'm subtle, I know.)

But just in case you like that sort of thing (or are my mom or grandma who loves me a whole lot), here is a little of our everyday. (Or is it every day? That's one I always get confused.)

Whenever Brad mows, Jazzy likes to sit and watch as much as she can. If he's in the backyard, she barks to be let out so she can chase the mower. 

Jazzy also believes with all her heart that she is a lap dog. Not so much, 50-pounder. Nice try, though.

We went to Justin's football game on Saturday. I didn't take too many pictures, but there was this fun moment in the game with every single player on the field was in this bunch. It wasn't going anywhere...

After the game, Brad and Jeff installed a new basketball goal - well, the pole part, anyway.

Last night we went to the store and got a few paint chips to try out in the nursery. I couldn't get the lighting quite right in this pictures, but they are all shades of gray. I think we chose "knitting needles."

I made some progress on "the list." I'm actually feeling pretty motivated - or maybe just very ready to be done.

I think this might be the largest mum in the whole world. Seriously. It's a transplant from Grandma Donna's. And yes, that's a tennis ball for scale. The funny thing is, this particular plant used to flower white. I'm sure there's some sort of scientific explanation for the change. I am definitely loving the burnt orange color it's turned.

Anyway, that's life. That and work and school and baby-growing.