Saturday, September 29, 2012

must be dreamin'...

I had heard rumors of crazy dreams during pregnancy. I wasn't sure what to think, until now... Here are just a few of the crazy dreams I've had in the last three months. (I have to admit that there are many more that I forget soon after waking up.)

  • My family (parents, siblings, partners) moved into an old mansion together. I love my family... just not when I live with them. When we moved in, one of the neighbors kept coming over to try to ask me out on a date. Awkward, considering my marital status is definitely not single.
  • I have dreamed, on two separate occasions, that two different friends were pregnant, one of them with triplets. And these are two friends who will never be expecting again - trust me.
  • Just last weekend I dreamed that I was playing a game of volleyball on a grassy field with a random assortment of people. Halfway through our game, we were joined by a large group of Civil War reenactors in their full uniforms. Later on, I left the game only to stand on a hill above the field and try to pummel players with the extra volleyballs we had. 
 The last one was by far the strangest and most vivid dream yet. We'll see what's to come...

Friday, September 14, 2012

friday fun day

No pictures. Just random thoughts.

I just adore Friday evenings. Adore them. I feel so peaceful, mostly because I don't let myself do anything that is a "have to do." Unless it's also a "want to do" at that particular moment.

Yesterday and today I came home and put on sweats (well, okay, yesterday it was snowflake pajama pants). I'm so excited about this cool weather.

This week was not a great one for our menu plan. I think we had what we planned two out of the last five nights. And we're not going to tonight, either, since I don't want to cook and Brad is at "Family Fun Night" for the next hour or so. Oh well. I'm grateful to have the luxury of flexibility in our food choices, and there's always next week, right? And this means we don't have to buy nearly as many groceries...

Today was my third full school day in an elementary library. I thought, going in, that I would really dislike it and feel completely out of my element, but so far I have loved every second, even teaching a lesson to first graders. I probably still wouldn't say that an elementary position would be my first choice, but I'd definitely apply and see what happens if a job were to pop up (not that there are any right now).

After school today I got a text message from my co-teacher that she and our para don't like it when I'm gone. I panicked and asked how bad the kids were. Jayka replied that the kids were great. She and the para just "didn't have any fun" without me. Ha! Who knew teacher Megan was such a good time?! She also told me I'm not allowed to apply for any library jobs and leave her. Hmm...

Tomorrow the plan is have lunch with a friend and to get lots and lots and lots of things done - laundry, cleaning, artifact selection, reflective statements, journal entries, and possibly even some progress on the final portfolio website (although most of those things count as progress toward the portfolio. We'll see... 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the final countdown...

I've mentioned about 25 times that this is it, my last semester of graduate school. But just in case you forgot, this is it. On Monday, I made a list of the assignments/projects that I have to complete in order to graduate. There are 11. That's it. Just 11 things.

Of course, those 11 things all have several major and time-consuming components (like "make an online portfolio" - aka website - with 8-12 artifacts from the past two years of classes that prove you actually did learn what you're supposed to learn and reflections on each of those artifacts). But still. Only 11. And since I finished one (yes, it probably was the easiest one), I'm down to 10. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be into single digits. I teach a lesson tomorrow, so if I put the finishing touches on the plan, type up my "results," and submit it early I get another check mark.

I took a picture of the list so you, too, can appreciate the beauty and joy of being oh so close.

I must say that it was quite the ordeal to upload this picture. I think my memory card reader on the computer is broken, so I had to trek all the way down to the basement to my box of empty-ish boxes (what?! doesn't everyone have a box of empty and almost-empty boxes in their basement?!) to get the camera cord.

Anyway, there you have it. The final countdown to December 16. Yes, the 16th, not the 15th, because then I'm really done. And after that, all I have to do is pass a two-hour multiple choice test, get my license, and find a job. No biggie...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Things

While I don't normally post about politics around here (or on my facebook, or anywhere that is really public, for that matter), I think that this article, "7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics," is not only timely but also an important statement on how we, as Christians, relate to others - those with whom we agree and those with whom we disagree. I wish I could remember the source (I believe it was in a collection of essays edited by Walter Wink, but I'm not positive), but it calls to mind a quotation from long ago - "the other side has a side because they, too, believe." Important reminders for us all.