Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grandpa's Truck

I bought my grandpa's truck today.
I used to hide in the back with my cousin Anthony and duck down in the bed when cars passed by on Garfield Street. Our moms would get mad at us because the bed liner would make our bare feet black.

I remember riding with him to go fishing, go to the store, go to coffee, go to a baseball game, go on a trip to the zoo or out to his garden. He always had a lumbar pillow that had to be placed just right before we went anywhere. We would often make a secret pit stop at a gas station for a Snickers bar so grandma wouldn't know. Sometimes he would bribe me with a candy bar of my own just so I wouldn't let the secret slip out. Even as I drove it away from his house months after his death and years after he stopped smoking, I caught a slight wiff of the familiar smell of his pipe. I hope that every day I catch a wiff of his pipe, even if it is just my imagination. The next time I drive it I will stop at our local gas station and pick up a Snickers, and not tell Megan, just because it reminds me of Grandpa.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am officially "in."

To grad school, that is.

So, a random picture to celebrate my re-entry into student-hood.

On another note, I don't really know what to blog about these days, so if you have any suggestions for topics or burning questions for me to answer....

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Is it the ultimate in irony that I now feel like going shopping with the money I made off the junk I purged from my house?!

25: The List, Update #8 & 9

These two are connected.... And the second one might be cheating a little bit, but I'll explain.

1. have a garage sale at our house 
5. donate old camera 

Well, it's done. We did it. We made some money, sweated a lot (that must burn calories, right?!), and got rid of tons of stuff. Yes, I am counting the truckload of not-sold stuff that is already unloaded at Goodwill. I don't have any pictures except the ones I posted on Thursday because I didn't want to be a strange person who took pictures at a garage sale.

I didn't actually donate the old camera. I sold it. Before I made the list, I found a website where you can donate old electronics and it looked really great. But then I couldn't ever find it again. Oops. So, either way, the camera is no longer in my possession and someone else can enjoy it for much less than the retail rate.

The updated list is here.

Seattle in T-11 days!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sale Time!

Friday & Saturday
Our house in A-town (leave me a comment or message me on facebook if you want our address!)
 Please come and buy something! I don't want to take it all to Goodwill!

Here's a sneak preview of some of our great stuff:

the garage is FULL!

if you happen to know a little girl, we have lots that she might love...

We also have three desks, two recliners, a dresser (it's the big white thing on the couch), lots of clothes, many books, some kitchen goodies..... Come and check it out!


What I've been up to....

1. I think quilting is becoming a lost art. Had my great-grandmother, or even my grandma, told a friend that she was working on a quilt, it would have been nothing out of the ordinary. They would have discussed the pattern and fabrics in detail and then gone on to chat about how their gardens grow. My grandma Lu is a quilter. Her mother was a quilter... so maybe I've inherited some great quilter genes and just need to practice... Right.

I like it so far. The more I do it, the better I am and the less tedious it seems. It's also exciting to be on the second-to-last step of my quilt, which is much motivation. I also enjoy the fact that it gives me an excuse to sit in the air conditioning in front of the tv....

2. I love my four little garden beds. I think I need one more, though. So far I've frozen zucchini bread, banana bread (not from my produce, of course), green beans, and some shredded zucchini for bread and cake. Yum...

We also picked a few gallons of sour cherries from my parents' tree last weekend. I took two gallons home and ended up with 20 cups of cherries in my freezer... now I just need to be motivated enough to make some pies.

3. My whole house is clean. I don't know why I felt like I had to clean before having a garage sale. I just did. It's nice, though.

4. My "projects" (for #16. make something old/ugly/cheap into something nice) have been on hold this week, since I cleaned the garage on Tuesday for the sale. And I need to go to Ace for some more supplies. But here's a hint from the before pictures:

One of these I am bound and determined to get done this summer. The other might take me years and years... and years. Can you guess which is which?!

5. Someone has driven by our house five times today with a bouncy, noisy trailer. Not that I mind. Just a random fact to share. Sometimes life is more interesting when you have neighbors and traffic.

6. Garage sale tomorrow and Saturday! I'm hoping we sell lots of stuff so I don't have to haul it all to Goodwill. So come visit me and then buy it.... please?!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

25: The List, Update #7

19. plan/run VBS 

It's over! In the end, I have to say it was a great experience - everything fell into place. I've had lots of thank-yous and compliments on how well everything went. I'm just happy it all went, and I'm glad to be done with it and to know that I won't be asked to be truly in charge until at least 2013 (our church runs VBS with three other churches and takes turns hosting with two of them).

Friday, June 11, 2010

My mom is famous!

My mom, Valerie, is a home health nurse, and she's really good at her job. (She's also really good at telling me whether or not I'm really sick and should go to the doctor.) There's a woman who writes a column for the Newton Kansan and mom was part of her topic this week!

SNIDER: This decade is all you have

By Marie Snider
Posted Jun 09, 2010 @ 03:51 PM
For years, I have lived by the “I can do it” calendar.
This calendar offers positive thoughts, affirmations and words of wisdom to help you make the most of every day of the year.
And often, it makes me think deep thoughts. Last Thursday was one of those days, after I read the following:
“This is the best decade of my life so far.”
Immediately, I thought about this decade — the decade I’m living right now.
For me, the defining moment of this decade is an accident on Dec. 5, 2009 — which resulted in a wound that is taking a long time to heal. So long, that I am still homebound after six months.
That is 1/20th of the decade!
As a result, I sometimes feel sorry for myself — a feeling I try to turn around to thinking about the good things that have come from this experience. And there are many!
I have no pain from the wound. I have a very leisurely life without going to the pool every day. My friends have been wonderful about playing dominoes, bridge and pinochle. Or just coming to my house for coffee, often even bringing dessert! And I can still go to church.
But most of all, I have become very good friends with Valerie, Cyndi and Katie who work for my home health agency.
Valerie, I knew slightly before, but I had never met Cyndi or Katie and would not have had an opportunity to meet either of them without home health.
Katie is a bubbly, competent, young nurse who sometimes fills in for Valerie.
And Cyndi comes twice a week to help me with a shower and shampoo — which is quite an operation, as my leg has to be put in two large garbage bags and taped up securely so that no water touches the wound.
Cyndi is a blonde who looks like 20, but has 26 years of experience in her work! She always brightens my day with her upbeat conversation.
As my primary nurse, Valerie visits frequently, according to how the wound is healing.
For years, I’ve known Valerie as an accomplished clarinetist. And more important, my brother was Valerie’s pastor for her growing-up years.
But in the past six months, I have learned so much more about her. And we have become very good friends.
We share the same views and know the same people.
I enjoy her so much that one of my friends said, “Your wound isn’t healing because you don’t want Valerie to leave!”
I will miss Valerie, as well as Cyndi and Katie, but that will be a small sacrifice to make when the wound finally heals, and I can finish the decade without being homebound!
Still, it has been a marvelous gift to get to know these caring and talented women. A gift I would never have had without the disaster of injuring my leg.
Think about your decade — the decade you’re living right now. What are the minuses and pluses? What difficulties do you have? What are the good things about your experiences? And how can you make the most of them?
After all, this is the only decade you have.

©2010 Marie Snider

Thursday, June 10, 2010

25: The List, Update #6

I just looked. March was my last "list" update. Oops.

#8. grow a big vegetable garden

Here it is... (sorry the pictures aren't the best. I've finally become brave enough to use the "full manual" on my camera and I'm still figuring it out.)

I think this is what you might call "out of control"? I've actually had to trim the tomato and zucchini plants so they don't completely overtake other veggies.

The garden is still mostly just green. I was going to wait until I had ripe tomatoes (always the sign of a successful garden), but I decided that we're already successful gardeners.

So far we've harvested four huge zucchini, a few peppers (jalapeno, bell, and cerrano), lettuce, spinach, a few peas, potatoes, and lots of green beans.We're waiting on the tomatoes, more peppers, more green beans, more potatoes, and what will probably be lots more zucchini.

So... click here for the updated list if you'd like to know what I'm up to... many items are "in progress" or really close to completion.

On an unrelated note, thoughts on the new blog template?! Is it "so me" or "so awful" or somewhere in between?

On another unrelated note, item #1 on the list (have a garage sale) is happening in just about a week! June 18-19 (that happens to be the Augusta city-wide weekend, so you can catch lots in one spot) at our house - message me if you want the address.... tons and tons of clothes, furniture, toys, books.... let's just say that my mom's been cleaning out her basement....

Better go see how the rain barrel set up is going...

Monday, June 7, 2010


Two years ago...

I got to marry my best friend. I am so lucky in so many ways.