Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dear church

Dear church*,

I need you to know that right now, you are hurting people. You may not think so. You may believe that what you are doing is biblically sound, that it is God's will, that you are right. 

But the simple truth is that, right or wrong (which we won't get into right now), you are hurting people. 

When you say, "God loves you, but you don't belong in God's church," you are hurting people. 

When you say that you "hate the sin but love the sinner," you are hurting people. 

When you choose the Bible verses that support your view while ignoring so many that condemn you, and without considering the command to first love, you are hurting people. 

When you say that we should all just get along, you are hurting people. 

When you ask that we choose unity over acceptance and justice, you are hurting people. 

When you are silent, you are hurting people. 

So church, please. Please. Please. 

Choose to talk TO people instead of about them. 

Choose welcome. 

Choose love.

Choose acceptance.

Choose justice.

Choose to start healing the hurt. 

*church is an institution, but the people of God are called to be the church. If you claim to be a follower of God, you are the church to whom I write. 

**I myself have been silent for too long. I have hurt people I love very much with this silence, and I am sorry. I am working on finding my voice and when and where to use it. Please forgive me. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Papa John and his farmer Lincoln

I think this is my dad's new favorite part of wheat harvest, Lincoln the farmer.

Wheat Harvest 2015

Lincoln and I spent quite a bit of time on the farm last week for the 2015 wheat harvest. He has always loved the farm, but this year he was so excited for wheat harvest.

For the first part of the week the combine was not running well. Lincoln and I got to make a part run to Prairieland, and that little clamp we picked up had the combine going better the next day! It's crazy how such a little part can make a difference in that huge machine. (And it's amazing that my dad knows how to fix it!)

Lincoln got lots of combine rides and even a ride in the grain truck to the nearest elevator. One morning he rode to the field in the combine with just Papa, no mommy or Grandma riding along!

On our last day in the fields (total of four), Lincoln told me on the way home, "I want more harvest! I want more harvest!"

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sunset Zoo

Lincoln and I spent a day in Manhattan with Megan and Daniel. Lincoln chose his Jayhawk as the friend to take along, ironically. 

We spent part of the day at the Sunset Zoo. It was a nice little zoo, and Lincoln had a lot of fun with his aunt and uncle. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lincoln Speak

I told Lincoln I was going to get him a milkshake at Dairy Queen. He said "I don't want a shaky milk!"

We were at the farm and out of the blue, Lincoln tells me, "It's our lucky day! We're at Grandma's house!"

During harvest Lincoln and I went to Prairieland to pick up a part for the combine. He told Brad that "I got the heart for Papa!" He also told Papa all about the toy truck he saw. 

One night at supper we were talking and Lincoln told us "Next time I go to the farm, Papa will leave and he will go to Prairieland and buy my truck!"

I was talking to Lincoln one night about how God made everyone different and God made everyone special. I asked what he thinks is special about Lincoln, and he told me "I smart!" (I guess in addition to lessons on race, diversity, and privilege we need to work on modesty and growth mindset.)