Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Play time!

Lincoln had lots of fun playing at the farm and at the barn last weekend!

Friday was rainy and chilly, but that didn't stop Lincoln from dragging his aunts outside to play with the dogs and turn on the water.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Piece of cake... or not!

I suppose it wouldn't be a typical wedding without some kind of snafu...

But the bride and groom didn't know about it until the day after, so I suppose we handled it well.

A small bakery in our hometown made their cupcakes and cake to cut. When mom, Hannah, and Jason went to pick up the cake on Saturday morning, it looked like this...

The design was just like the picture, but the pink was NOT! With navy, red, orange, and yellow for wedding colors, pink was just not an option.

So Hannah and I got to work right away...

We scraped off massive amounts of pink frosting and had our aunt and uncle pick up some buttercream from Dillon's, since we knew there was no way we'd have time to make frosting and fix the cake.

We then left to set up and decorate at the barn, sprinting back around lunch time to eat, fix the cake, and change.

We slathered on the pale yellow buttercream to cover up all the pink and used a knife to make a design similar to what it looked like before. It looked...... okay.

Brad and I drove it (nervously) over to the venue, where it was graced with a "K" cake topper. I arranged a few flowers on top of it (and on top of the cupcake tower) and called it good.

I heard that Megan commented on how beautiful it was.

Mission accomplished.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Papa and Me

This weekend, when we spent lots and lots of time with my family, Lincoln started to talk to and about his Grandma and Grandpa Klaassen by name. "Papa" and "Me" (sometimes "Am-me") were highlights of his weekend, and it was so much fun to see him light up when one of them walked up. Thus, I have lots and lots of pictures of Lincoln with his Papa and Me.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wedding Reception

We didn't get to stay for a lot of the reception, since Lincoln basically skipped his naps, but we have fun while he lasted!

I realized looking through my pictures that there are a few important people that I have very few pictures of. Sorry, Hannah and Jason and Daniel and Megan (except you two did have a real photographer following you guys around) and extended family.

Lincoln and his aunts checking out some ants.

Lincoln's been pretty attached to his bear, Abe (AaaaBUH), this weekend.

In lieu of the traditional groomsmen/bridesmaid toasts, Daniel and Megan asked their sisters (she has one, he has three) to give speeches. I will post our limerick another time, but I think it's safe to say it was a hit!